Helloooo there!
Welcome to my new blog! I wanted to start a ‘big girls’ blog and just keep the Tumblr for random photos here and there… I always want to share rad stuff I find, and write the odd blurb about things here and there, so I figured a proper blog was the way to do it.
So here you go!

I’ll post pretty much anything that inspires me, and some of my own work every now and then. Anything from graphic design to photography to interior design to architecture to shoes to travel could show up on here… So you won’t be getting bored any time soon!

I’m hoping to update it regularly, I think blog’s are a lot more interesting when they’ve got at least three or so posts a week… (If I can manage that amongst everything else) Hopefully keep you readers keen!

So the name, Twelve by One, (took me ages to come up with a name, and an address that wasn’t already taken), but my birthday is on the first day of the twelfth month… Go figure!

Anyway that’s enough to get you started, so stay tuned, give me a holla and let me know what you think, and ENJOY!!
(Yep that’s me in the photo by the way… I’ll do an about me post one day!)

Hey! I'm Sian, and I’m a free-spirited creative wizard. I have a passion for working with people who are on a mission to live their dream lives, and are electrified by the unknown beauty that the future holds. Twelve by One is my place to share awesome finds + write about this amazing world we're living in. Read more here!


*All photos are my own unless otherwise stated. Please credit me if you're going to post them anywhere. Thanks yo!

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