Things I’ve learned.

So… ‘Jumping the ditch’ as they like to say, has been an experience and a half so far, can’t say it’s been easy at times, but it’s totally the best thing I’ve ever done. So far in my life anyway. Here’s a few things I’ve discovered since becoming an honorary Australian for the last year and a bit…

1 / They add ‘but’ to the end of sentences. Yeah random I know. They say it instead of ‘though’. Example: ‘Yeah I’m defs down for that bruz, dunno if the waves are gonna be decent but’.

2 / Indy/Folk/Alternative music is massive here. This may/may not be a surprise to some, but it’s not that big in New Zealand compared to here. (Or at least it wasn’t when I left). And I’m totally in love. Call me a hipster (whatever the hell a ‘hipster’ even is) if you want, but its pretty awesome.

3 / Sydney is off the chain. It gets pretty hectic sometimes. I’ve heard of people moving to Sydney and not being able to handle the jandal. (That gives me another point…) I can see why… It’s off the hook. It’s also why I love it so much!

4 / Jandals are not jandals. They’re thongs. Um okay. So if you say you need some new jandals, it’s a dead set giveaway you’re a kiwi. (Use this to your advantage people.)

5 / You learn about footy. People expect me to know/like footy when I tell them I’m from NZ. But in all honesty I’ve never been that into it. I know, I know. What kind of kiwi doesn’t like footy? Well, apparently, me. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of it, but since I’ve been here I know enough to hold a semi decent convo about it. It’s pretty much a given that you get amongst it, even a little.

6 / A ‘dairy’ is not called a ‘dairy. (For the kiwi’s). Yeah so they call them corner shops, (even if they’re not on the corner?) or servo’s if its a petrol station. They have no idea what a ‘dairy’ is. Pffff.

7 / They have Ikea. Yeah, NZ doesn’t have it! Its kind of insane, first time you go you’re guaranteed to get lost. All in good fun though.

8 / The people are hilarious. Seriously, if you can handle a piss take & like to give it back just as much, this is the place to be.

9 / You can do anything you want. Sydney is pretty massive. And when you move somewhere where you know pretty much no-one to start off with, you feel like you can do ANYTHING you want, and not have to have people to do it with. At home in NZ you wouldn’t even go shopping by yourself, or you’d feel like a dick if you did. Here, I couldn’t care less! It might be just me, but hey, it’s pretty rad.

10 / You find out who your real friends are. This is kind of a good thing to be honest. Its made me see things/people very differently & put everything in perspective. The people who keep in contact, and who make an effort to talk to you, are the ones you wanna keep as friends for life. True story people.

Okay so that’s all I can think of for now… I know there’s heaps more that I’ve forgotten about. So keep yo eyes peeled for Round 2!

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