Massimo Vitali.

I’ve known about Massimo Vitali for a while, I studied him a little back when I was doing photography at tech. I found him on Bill Charles Represents, (photography website that represents a few artists, check it out). He takes the most amazing photos of beaches, packed with people, + many other scenes. I mostly love the way he takes everyday landscapes, and manages to find them filled with people, especially in his beach shots, which makes for some amazing work. Here’s a question or two from this interview with him… The way he explains photography in the first question is perfect.

JC: Your work contains a very profound social commentary about the world we live in. Do you see it as your role as a photographer to comment on how we live and how we entertain ourselves? MV: Absolutely. I think photography, even when it became part of contemporary art, never ceased, to some extent, to be a social commentary. Photography is like a river with a thousand streams that never converge. They go in the same direction, flowing alongside but separately.

JC: Earlier you said that you had a “deep curiosity” for people, “for what they do and how they think”. In a group setting, however, people usually behave in different ways than when they are on their own. So I’m wondering what you think about how one can relate the images of those masses with what they might say about the individuals? MV: I am trying, although I don’t succeed 100% as some photos are very one-directional, to preserve the individuality in my “masses”, even if people are standing one next to the other. We must make a distinction. Looking back I think I have tried to avoid behaviour that is too focused on everyone doing the same thing. e.g a football stadium, where everyone is looking and reacting in the same way. I focus on groups of people, but I try to photograph them at times when they are not doing the same thing, in situations where they are free to maintain their own personality and individuality.

Check out some more of his work on Bill Charles Represents, or on his own website, here.

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