Sex, Drugs & Helvetica.

I was going to do this for 52 Weeks but I’ve got something else in mind for that. Yesterday I ventured to Melbs with a mate for some sweet Sex, Drugs & Helvetica. As you do.

Crazy ass day. Get up at like 4.30am to hit up Melbs for this sweet conference run by Positive Posters. I’ll probs do another post more about the speakers & some stuff… So this is just some photos of Melbs for you! I didn’t get many pics at the conference cause I was too into it… But these dudes are some of the most onto it peeps I’ve seen around in ages. They’re so passionate about what they do, its kind of infectious. So check out their website at the link above.

(It’s a rarity that you’ll see me using Helvetica so make the most of it…)

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