12 Rad Things.

There’s a few of these posts around… Gala has a sweet ‘Things I love Thursday‘, and Rach does a cool ‘Making Me Happy‘ version, and this is mine. 12 Rad Things goin on right now. It makes such a difference when you actually list all of the good things going on, it gets me amped and excited for more awesomeness to come! Send me a link to your version of what’s making you happy or what you’re loving at the mo!

1 / Getting inspired by cool dudes at Sex, Drugs & Helvetica.

2 / Hitting up Melbs for a flying visit! Just one day… Wish I stayed, but hey, it’s not going anywhere right? All the more reason to go back again!

3 / This AWESOME song by Luke Million.  More energy!

4 / Meeting cool people. Online and offline! ‘Met’ so many cool dudes on the internet lately, though, just through blogs/twitter etc. It’s even better when you get to meet them in real life!

5 / Work coming out my ears. This is good.

6 / Cutting loose with mates.

7 / People are blogging about me? The main reason I started a blog & the other projects I’ve got on the go is to share my work and hopefully inspire other people, but when other people take notice it’s crazy cool!

8 / Painting my nails a super bright blue. Summer’s coming right? Well it def seems that way in Sydney… (This is a mega choice pick me up, paint your nails a bright colour. I usually end up doing mine at night & then I forget about it & wake up with bright ass nails… Gets me so stoked haha)

9 / Taking photos. I don’t call myself a photographer, but shit I love busting my camera out.

10 / Getting to talk to super choice artists/photographers from all over the world for 16HOURS! This is so cool. Seriously.

11 / The fact I haven’t gone shopping in like a month or two? This is like some kind of record. Quite proud to be honest.

12 / Making crazy/awesome/upbeat CD’s to take on a random road trip on the weekend. YES!

1 Response to “12 Rad Things.”

  1. 1 Rach August 27, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Awesome, awesome post — love it! Sounds like life is super sweet for you lovely, hooray! Thanks for the little mention too! Xx

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