Sweet Blogs. NZ Styles!

1 / Knock You For Six.

2 / Katherine Is Awesome.

3 / Isaac Likes.

4 / Auckland Street Style.

I’m not much of a ‘fashion guru’ or whatever you wanna call them, but I do follow a handful of fashion blogs, and these are a few of them. Well the kiwi ones anyway!  They know their shit in the land of fashion, where as I really don’t, so you should defs check them out. Nicola (KYFS) and Katherine are Graphic Designers too, you can totes tell cause their blogs are super slick. I don’t know much about Auckland Street Style, I just like looking at their photos. (Which is pretty much what the website is anyway…) They’re all awesome anyway.

PS I’m going back to NZ tomorrow for a week or two! If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram apologies in advance for the very likely overload of photos & shiz. Although I’m getting my wisdom teeth out so I doubt I’ll be doing much for the first few days at least. I’m planning on a road trip or two + lots of photo taking so expect some more sweet NZ goodness sooner or later!

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