Monday Love

Happy Monday Readers/Fellow Bloggers! Today was a public holiday in Sydney/NSW so I was making the most of it in the sun… When it finally decided to come out! I have a new found love for Monday’s at the moment, I’m putting it down to the life reset. I used to always look at Monday’s as such a drab day… Dreading getting out of bed & making the tiresome trek to work, but then I thought about it, why was I letting this one day get to me so much? It’s all in the way you think about things. You need to think of Monday as a totally fresh start, a new day, a new week. Make a point of listing all the things you’re loving, focus on the positive baby! Optimism is key. I’ve been doing this the last two weeks, and I think it’s made the week seem to go faster! So here’s my love list for today.

Daylight Savings! Which means it’s still light after 7pm… Which means I can exercise when I get home from work without freaking out in the dark! // St Tropez Bronzing Mousse. The feeling of a nice (fake) tan is the best! This bottle last’s for ages too, I’ve done at least 6 full applications with it! // Exciting new creative projects! I’m doing more of what I love… With awesome clients! YES. // Having rad phone calls. With a good friend who just came back from Europe! // Active Child. Man oh man, I just discovered these guys the other day. I brought their new album. One word. OBSESSED. // Planning a getaway for my Birthday in December! No idea what this involves yet, but the seed has been planted, as they say! // Fresh Orange Juice. Need I say more? // MAD stir fries. I’m not much of a ‘foodie’, but I can’t go past a good stir fry. Beef + hokkien noodles + bok choi + fresh stir fry mix + oyster sauce. Pretty good! // Weekend adventures. I treasure my weekends like nothing else… This weekend I discovered the streets of Darlinghurst/Surry Hills! Love. // New sunnies. I usually stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ I guess you could say when it comes to sunnies, (I’m psycho on having everything matching), but I couldn’t resist these funky babies from Sportsgirl!

(Photo’s above from this week’s 52 Weeks of Australia)

*(Kia Ora is Maori for Hello!)

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