Everyone’s a Dreamer

The lovely ladies from Sweet Lime & Spiced Tea tagged me in this blogger initiative started by Sportsgirl, called ‘Believe‘. The main deal is that you answer a few questions about your wildest dreams, and then you tag a couple more people to do the same… And they do the same, spreading the love & sharing the dreams! I love the idea that you ‘tag’ a couple more people and you get to see a bit more about them & their dreams. Nice one Sportsgirl!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Like any kid I’m pretty sure there was more than one thing that I wanted to be when I grew up, but the main one I can remember is wanting to be a teacher. I have NO idea why. I’m far from being a teacher now, I can’t really imagine myself doing that. Crazy.

Did you make this dream come true or did you change your mind?

Nope! It was a very short lived dream… As I left primary school I got more & more involved in arty things… Drawing, taking photos, you name it. It all started from there!

I think my love for Graphic Design started when I got a digital camera, and somehow got my hands on a copy of Photoshop Elements, way back in the day! I just started fooling around in that, and it’s history from there. I left school a year early to study Design, and have had a passion for being creative ever since.

What is your fave childhood memory?

Probably just doing stuff with my brother/cousin… I always remember the things we used to get up to after school in the summer where the nights never seemed to end.. Climbing trees, running around the yard, riding around the block on our bikes. Or riding motorbikes around the paddocks at my cousins house, and going too fast and almost stacking it after hitting massive holes that you didn’t see coming. Good times.

The biggest dream you have right now?

My biggest dream is to one day work for myself, maybe have my own studio or run it with someone else, and have the freedom to do what I want on my own time. I want to travel the world… See things, meet people. I think that’s what it’s all about. Seeing the world, and meeting amazing people.

I was reading the Make Believe mag on the Sportsgirl website, and Michelle Jank has a brief intro where she talks about the Believe project, and she mentions how open she is to the idea of working & collaborating with other creatives. She could not have said it better, ‘They help you to realise your projects and create something bigger than you ever could have expected or dreamt.’ I love this, and it’s totally perfect for 16HOURS Magazine, which I run with Julian. When we started out we just had an idea to collaborate on something, but now we’re always scheming ways to make it bigger and better, and most of all we just want to keep the inspiration flowing. So I’m excited to see where it takes us. Doing things like this is what keeps me going. It fuels me.

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?

I’m in love with this maxi dress. I’ve yet to find the perfect one for me, I prefer ones that have a cool pattern on them, so this one is on the ‘must try on’ list!

And as part of this, I have to tag three more awesome bloggers to do the same, so I’ve chosen Kim from Dream. Delight. Inspire, Sone from Polli, and Danelle! Do your thing ladies!

Images via the Sportsgirl Believe Magazine – check it out/download it here!

7 Responses to “Everyone’s a Dreamer”

  1. 1 vienda maria November 22, 2011 at 8:44 am

    I love your interview question responses Sian! x

  2. 2 Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea November 22, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Love it – especially the collaboration stuff. We knew you’d do a great job 🙂 Cxx

  3. 3 Madeleine November 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    great answers! i just stumbled across your blog and I must say I’m really loving what I see- some great design & inspiration. Will definitely be a regular visitor.

  4. 5 Danelle November 22, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Eee! This is fun! Can’t wait to do it!

  5. 6 Chloe November 23, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Beautiful answers! I have really enjoyed reading what everyone has written. It’s been such a fun thing to participate in.

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