Freebie Monday | To Do List

So here I go on my new adventure of Full Time Freelancing…

I’m all about keeping things organised and on track, so I’ve got a few things up my sleeve to keep track of jobs, whats on etc, and this is one of my first ones. A weekly to-do list. I just wanted a little something to write quick notes & deadlines, so I can get a good look at the whole week, and not stuff everything in my diary.

I have an A4 notebook with all my design/freelance notes, so I’ll just stick these babies into that, so it’s still all in the one place.

A lot of the stuff I design to help myself, I’m just gonna upload it here & let you guys have at it too.

Click HERE to download!

*For personal use only. Please link back to Twelve by One if you are going to post this on your blog, do not upload to your site for download. Thanks kids!

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