THE FREELANCE LIFE | Thing’s I’ve Learned So Far. Part One.

Hi kids!
So I’m pretty much at one month of full time freelancing, and next week I’ll have a post a day lined up, about things I’ve learned so far, and a couple of cool posts with links to other awesome freelancers & rad places to find advice!

I decided to kick it off a little early, and today I’ve got a few tips for people that are thinking about jumping ship from their Full time job into Freelance.
These are purely just my tips to help you out and think about it a little more, only you can make the decision to jump or not, which I think is important to remember. Read up on tips & hints at your leisure, but in the end it’s all up to you.

#01 | I would suggest freelancing on the side for at least a good 6 months before you decide. (If not even more).
I think this is pretty important, as you need to make sure it’s really what you want to do. Get the hang of invoices, dealing with clients, getting paid, etc.

#02 | Research! Look up other designers/creatives who have taken the leap too. See what they have to say. Get inspired by reading that it actually is possible. And there’s no reason why you can’t do it too. (I have a post next week with lots of goodness & people to check out.)

#03 | Pick up your online presence. Get on Twitter at least, and then go from there. Twitter is where it all started for me (It’s the reason I got one of my very first Freelance jobs, which in turn lead to me moving to Sydney!), and for a lot of other creatives I know too. Talk to people! Be friendly! You never know where those random little tweets could lead you.

#04 | Establish what makes you different from everyone else. Why are people going to come to you for work over your competitors? How do you think differently?

#05 | See an accountant. Another pretty important thing to do. They can tell your tax is going to work, and what kind of things you can claim on. If you start freelancing while you’re still working full time, you might be able to claim things you buy that are freelance related. (ie stationery, computer, laptop, etc. keep receipts for everything!)

#06 | Think about lining up a part time/contract role when you quit your full time job. At least to begin with. This way you know you’ll at least have one or two days a week to work, so you know you’ve got the rent covered. Then when you find your feet + have a bit of savings, you might be able to slowly step away from a part time role.

*As usual, these are my own tips that I have picked up from my own personal experiences, and everyone is going to have different opinions about what you should/shouldn’t do. I post these things in the hope to inspire others to do the same & start livin’ their dreams.


Stay tuned for more goodness next week!

Are you a freelancer? Have you got any stellar tips you’d give other people thinking about quitting their 9-5?

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