THE FREELANCE LIFE | Things I’ve Learned So Far. Part Two – Get Inspired

In my first post on Friday, one of my things to think about was doing research on other creatives who have taken the jump too.
I think this helped me a lot in taking that final jump, knowing that other people have done it, and reading about their success.

I’ve come across a few awesome people who blog regularly about freelancing, & how they deal with certain freelance biz, like getting clients, getting inspired, etc. They’ve all been a huge inspiration to me so far, and continually produce the goods when it comes to giving awesome advice.

I’ve only included the few very best ones that I’ve stumbled across, as I think sometimes getting lost in the internet & reading too many stories can get a bit intense with about 150 different things flyin round in your brain.
SO, here you go!


01 – Nubby Twiglet. There’s a good chance most people will have heard of Nubby, but if you haven’t, get on that! I’ve been following her for a good few years, I remember reading her blog while I was still studying a good 4 or 5 years ago. She’s never afraid to dish the dirt, good and bad, about being a creative & living the freelance life. She has a stack of good posts about Blogging, Business & Marketing, and LOADS more. I especially loved this post she did not too long ago, about doing what you love in 2012.

02 – Jeremy and Kathleen – Freelance Matters. When I first came across this lady, I knew I was onto something good. Another awesome sauce creative that isn’t afraid to share her advice & lessons with the world. She has a whole section on her blog called ‘Freelance Matters’, totally dedicated to freelance biz!

03 – Women in Business. An Australian website run by Claire Lancaster. The posts & things Claire posts about aren’t always about freelancing, but she has some really awesome advice in general about business & getting your ideas out there. She’s done a few posts with downloadable templates too! I loved these two, How to organise your start up notes, and her One Page Business Plan.


01 – Turning Your Dream Job Into a Reality, by Kimberley Smith. Kim is one hell of an inspiration to so many people, me included! I brought her book last year, when I was starting to think about going full time freelance. She gives it to you straight and hits you with awesome tips & tricks to get you living your dream.

02 – You Are the Map Maker, by Bernadette Jiwa. A big stack of inspiring stories from other creatives who have changed the game. I absolutely loved reading this, & I’m still going back to it when I need a burst of inspiration to get me going again. With contributors like Nubby Twiglet, Jessica Hische, David Airey & more, this is a must read. (And it’s a free PDF!)

So hopefully those few links of goodness will keep you going for a while.

Just remember to take it easy, and don’t get too lost in the internet researching advice & success stories. Get inspired, then go your own way. Carve your own path & live your own life.

Tomorrow I’ll have a few tips about working & productivity!

2 Responses to “THE FREELANCE LIFE | Things I’ve Learned So Far. Part Two – Get Inspired”

  1. 1 Kelly March 27, 2012 at 1:19 am

    I love this series, although I’m not in graphic design, I still can learn a lot from this!! Thanks! 🙂

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