THE FREELANCE LIFE | Things I’ve Learned So Far. Part Three. Productivity Baby!

One of the hardest things to get used to when you start working from home is actually getting yourself in the zone to do work. For me at least, it’s kind of like when I was studying… Everything you do is on your own time, but you just have to make sure you get your work done.

I’m still adjusting to it to be honest, and it’s defiantly one of those things that varies from person to person.

For me personally, I try to get out of my apartment as often as I can. When I have a hard deadline to work to, I’ll usually stay home and do it, where I can spread my stuff all over the table/apartment, and can just go crazy & blast my music, & get in the zone that way. But when I feel the need to be inspired, that’s when I try and get out. I absolutely love working at cafe’s, and changing up the scenery as often as possible. I find when I’m chilling at a cafe, working on moodboards or getting my creative biz on, I’ve got my earphones in, and I’m people watchin’, that’s when I feel the most inspired. I could easily sit in a cafe working all day like this.

I’ve also found a couple of apps/websites to be coming in mega handy for to-do lists & ideas etc, and just being hella productive in general.

My hit list of hot sauce apps to keep you on track: 

#01 | Dropmark – Kind of like the bigger & better sis of Pinterest. It’s more ‘creative person’ orientated I think, and it’s awesome to use with clients & collaborators. You can have any number of collections, which are all private, and you also have the option to share them with people. I find it super handy to use with clients, for them to put in their inspo photos/images, and also to upload proofs to, so everything is kept in one place.

#02 | Evernote – I think it’s safe to say that Evernote has taken over many computers lately, mine being one of them. It’s a stellar note-taking app, and you can also save web pages directly from your browser into it (which is one thing I fell in love with from the get-go).

#03 | Wunderlist – A productivity/list making app. REALLY simple & easy to use. I resorted to using Wunderlist after having way too many unorganised notebooks with a bajillion to-do lists. They have an iPhone & iPad app too!

Other random working tips:

– TAKE BREAKS! Biggest & most important point. If you don’t take breaks you’ll burn out. Seriously. Just chill out & have time off the computer. At least once a week,(if not more) I’ll take one day where I’m not on the computer at all. I’m getting into the habit of turning off my phone for that whole day too. Freakin’ AMAZING I tell you. Nothing like total disconnection to refresh your mind. Take breaks while you’re working too. Even if you’re 100% in the zone, take a break. A fresh look when you get back might be just what you need.

– Just start. I saw a blog post somewhere the other day, (no idea where), but it mentioned how we should just get used to ‘starting’ things, and not stress about how/when we’re going to finish them. Stop putting things off, and just start working on them. Pick up where you left off each time. Just get used to starting, and the finishing will do itself.

– When you’re working, sign out of all social media etc. This might be different for different people, but when I sign out of Twitter etc when I’m meant to be working, it actually stops me going to it. I can’t be bothered signing it, so then I get back to work.

– Find your inspiration in experiences. Don’t feel like you have to sit on the internet for hours on end to get inspired for a project. Leave your computer at home for a morning or afternoon, grab a camera & a notepad, and head out. Take photos, draw random things. Do whatever you want. Treat that as your research.

So those are my few random working/productivity tips that I’ve picked up so far. More goodness tomorrow!


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