THE FREELANCE LIFE | Things I’ve Learned So Far. Part Four. Do your thing! + Freebies!

I think I may have mentioned this in one or two other posts, but one of the things I’ve picked up lately is that you have to stop asking for permission & advice, and just do it. Whatever you want to do, just freakin do it. Stop asking for permission. If you’re onto something good, then it will work out, and if it’s a dud, they hey, you learnt something.

Lately I’ve found the less I ask for people’s opinions, and the more I just start doing, the better it is. Whatever your thing is, just start doing more of it! Doing more of what you love leads to amazing things.

I’ve also made the above image as freebie wallpapers for your computer/iPhone/iPad! I find that having these kind of quotes in your face all the time really helps. A constant reminder to keep at it.

Click here to download!

*I might start going for a record of the longest blog post title ever with this series. I’d be in with a chance.

*Graphics were created especially for, please do not re-distribute, all links must be placed back to this original blog post.

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