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Flickr Fave | Yyellowbird

Yet another amazing stream on Flickr. She has a huge range of work, these are just a few of my faves. She doesn’t really have a set ‘subject matter’ that she sticks with, which is kind of nice. A few of her photos have a super sunkissed feel to them though, and they make you want to get outside in the sun & do a little wandering.

Check out Yyellowbird on Flickr here!


Flickr Fave | Dan Swenson

Just recently saw these new updates by Dan Swenson on Flickr. He has the most awesome style when it comes to photo manipulation. I’m loving the reflections in the first one… Such an easy/simple way to play around with your designs. Just flip it!

He has heaps more goodness in his stream, check it out.

Photo Messin’

More jammin round with my photos.

I think the summer we never got at summer time might have arrived this week. I took these pics yesterday arvo.. Love getting the afternoon sun.

Good As Photo Blogs

I mentioned last week that I’ve been getting into my photography a lot more lately, and that I’m being inspired by photographers a lot more than designers at the moment. Here’s a mini round up of a few of my fave photo blogs. (Click on the images to go through to their blogs)

01 | Latitudinal Tales

02 | Joe Coleman

03 | Cabin Porn

04 | Sannah

05 | Still Hearty

These kids got skills.

*The top photo is mine, and I’ve also changed my Tumblr to my personal photo blog. I’ve decided to stop doing 52 Weeks of Australia, as I was starting to feel the ‘pressure’ of the project was taking over, and it wasn’t fun for me anymore. I’ll post more photos over there, so if you’ve got Tumblr you can hit me up.


A few photos from the last week or so. A couple from Cockatoo Island, and a couple from the South Coast.

This weekend I managed to get a good break, and not do any work. Sometimes you gotta know when to chill, and this weekend was defiantly it! I was reading this post by Marthe too, she hit the nail on the head. Take a break from whatever it is you’re doing.

Get lost somewhere. Get exploring. (I actually got lost on Cockatoo Island, it was kinda freaky. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what I mean. There’s buildings and tunnels everywhere.)

I’m onto my 4th week of freelancing today, and I’ve got a couple of posts lined up about my first month on the job! Stay tuned early next week to check em out.

*I have a Flickr account here where I post a few more photo’s too. I’m also becoming a fan of this square format photo thing. Hmmm.

Beach Days.

From yesterday, up at Palm Beach.

I feel like I’m getting back into the ‘photography zone’ lately, which I’ve been out of for a while. I’m a lot more inspired by photographers than designers lately too. Defiantly feeling the minimal approach, as you can see from my photos!

I also said to myself that last year was the year of taking more photos, so 2012 is my year for taking better photos. Here we go!

Zero editing, except for a tiny bit on the colours.

Flickr Fave | Nidia

Amazing photos from Nidia on Flickr. I love the muted tones + the grainy-ness in her photos.

We find the majority of our photographers for 16HOURS on Flickr, so I’m always on the look out for talent, so I’m hoping to share a few more sweet finds on here!

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