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The Only Magic Left Is Art

I’ve had this guy as a contact on Flickr for a few months, but somehow I’ve only just taken a good look at his photostream. And whoa, how amazing are his Polaroids. (See more on his Flickr here)

Then I followed through to his website, where he has a project based around that exact phrase ‘The Only Magic Left Is Art’. He has a pretty awesome manifesto that I recommend you check out, here’s a excerpt from it:

He’s also teamed up with the Impossible Project, which is pretty awesome in itself.

And check out The Only Magic Left Is Art website here.


Time To Wander

Photographer scouting for the next issue of 16HOURS. Stumbled across these two. Whoazzzers.

Images | Jocelyn Catterson and Jeremy Daigneault

Mikkel Vang

Amazing work by Mikkel Vang. He’s also the photographer behind those amazing Kikki.k campaigns. He seems to know how to really nail the diptych photos, which aren’t always easy to pair up. Especially the first one, the composition & nature of each image matches perfectly with the other.

New Zealand on Film

A few film photos from my holiday in New Zealand. I’m not a fan of editing my film photos much, I like them to be pretty natural. So I haven’t touched the colours or the cropping on any of these.

Pure and simple.

Now I See It

Guess what country this is?

Well, it’s New Zealand.

I find it crazy how it’s taken me a move overseas to love my own country more. I guess when you take a step back, and you get smaller glimpses of a country, you begin to see it differently. When I lived there, I never really saw it for what it was, what everyone always said, about it being so green, so beautiful.

But now I see it. Through others photo’s and stories. Half the reason I can’t wait to get back there is so I can do a bit of exploring and go on crazy photo missions, something I’ve become oh so fond of since moving to Sydney. Grabbing the camera, jumping in the car, and seeing where the road takes you.

These photos are from Winter 2010, taken by the amazing Tom Blachford. We may be coming up to summer down here in Australia/New Zealand, but with the Northern Hemisphere approaching winter, I must admit I’m a tiny bit jealous of the snow you guys are getting, so this post is for you! These photos defiantly make me want to get down to the South Island for winter in NZ next year too.

Check out more of Tom’s NZ photos here on his Facebook page.


I love manipulating photos & testing new things & seeing how they turn out, I think as a designer you have to continually try new things, and see what works for you. I get bored if I stick with the same ‘style’ all the time, so I’m always trying a million new things in Photoshop/Illustrator and seeing how they work for me.

Today I was playing around with reflecting photos in Photoshop, and I’m liking how they’re turning out so I thought I’d post a few! It’s interesting how the same photo can turn out just by copying/pasting/reflecting it.

Outpost Opening Party!

Extra snaps from the opening of Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island lastnight! (Check out the original post for 52 Weeks of Australia here.) Wowsa. I won  tickets to the opening which was lastnight, which was hella impressive! I was hooked from the minute we were directed into a old tunnel lined with canvases… Cockatoo Island is the PERFECT place for this festival, the industrial & gritty nature of it could not fit the scene better. I have since discovered that Outpost is the largest street art festival in the Southern Hemisphere?! Slightly impressive. And the dudes organising it have totally nailed it, and I am still yet to see the whole island as they only hard part of it open lastnight!

I’ve always wanted to go to Cockatoo Island, (I go past it on the ferry all the time), but I finally got there, and I don’t think there could have been a more awesome time for a first visit!

If you’re in Sydney over the next month or so, do yourself a favor and GET THERE! Check out the website here for all the deets. I promise you will not be dissapointed! If you go in the arvo on Fri/Sat/Sun they even have DJ’s/Entertainment/Bars… Need I say more?

*Cockatoo is an island up the Parramatta River in Sydney, which has been home to a prison & more notably a ship building & repair yard. Now the Sydney Harbor Federation Trust looks after it, and there’s heaps of sweet stuff on there… Including a rad Island bar that faces out onto the River/Sydney Harbor.

*That’s me + Vienda in the pic! (Who needs auto focus…?)

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