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Hey Everyone… I’ve Moved!

If you follow me on Twitter/Facebook you would have seen that I’ve been working on my new website over the last week or so, and it’s HERE! This also means that I’m ‘moving’ Twelve by One into my personal website. So now everything will be under the one place…  So I’ll no longer be posting here on Twelve by One.

I’ll still be posting similar kinds of things, and maybe more ‘design’ related stuff… But you can head over HERE to check it out! Don’t forget to add my new blog addy to your readers!

I know there’s always a huge debate with designers/creatives whether to keep the blog/portfolio as separate websites, and whether to have both a business & personal blog, but I’m bringing it all together. I figure that in my personal life my goal is to eventually live a life that doesn’t have a line between work & play, so why not keep that going over my online world.

I’ve also updated my portfolio & a few other things, so have a look around & check it out!

I’ve also launched a new project, called Striking Truths. A collaboration with Bernadette Jiwa, we’re posting a manifesto a day! Click here to check it out.

So head on over & check it out kids! Thanks for all the lovin on Twelve by One, and here’s to more good times.


Things I love on the internet.

I’ve said it myself, the internet is a huge crazy place, and you have to know when to have a break from it, but you’ve gotta admit, there are some very on the ball people in this world, and they’re using the internet to do cool things. I’ve come across a few awesome services/blogs/websites lately, that are out there to inspire & help make our lives easier.

Here’s 3 goodies that I’ve come across: | I first found out about these guys a few months ago, and I totally forgot about the website. They have a whole bunch of super inspiring stories by people who are livin their dreams. | I’m totally in love with this idea. From their website: ‘ Quarterly wants to bridge that gap by allowing anyone to subscribe to influential contributors and get physical items in the mail from them.’ So basically they have a bunch of awesome creatives registered with them, and you can choose to sign up with one, and each quater you’ll receive a special, personalised (aka what they send you may not be for sale, or may not have been seen anywhere else) little package from them, in the mail. They’re all booked up for now, but you can sign up to receive an update when they’re taking more subscriptions again!

Loft Resumes | This is a good one for the non-creatives! A website with a bunch of sweet resume templates. Pretty good idea if you ask me.

5 Reasons Sydney Is Rad

I think some people seem to automatically dismiss Sydney as too ‘expensive’ or too ‘touristy’ sometimes… I guess can see why, but these are just a few of the many reasons why I love it here so much.

01 – It really does have the best of everything! And none of those 3 things are any less cool than the other, they’re all completely awesome. The city is a true, 24/7, hustling, bright light, city, the beaches are out of this world, (and no, I’m not referring to Bondi… There’s more to Syd than Bondi kids!), and the mountains to the West are a total mecca for hikers & explorers. I haven’t been enough other places in the world to compare it to, but you’ve gotta say, Sydney’s got it goin on. And everything is within a couple of hours of eachother.

02 – There’s ALWAYS events happening. Creative & non creative. Food festivals, creative festivals, concerts, everything. Especially in the next few months! Around May/June/July seems to be the hot time for creative awesomeness in this city.

03 – Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know how much I’m in love with Palm Beach. I post it all the time here too, so you get the idea. But it really is one of the most amazing beaches ever. Probs why it’s got it’s own TV show.

04 – Yep, I said it. Melbs is known to be a pretty creative hub in this big old place, but I think Sydney’s got it goin on just as much. There’s always creative events/festivals going on here, which I’m totally in love with. Insight at Apple is one of my fave ones, where they have a talk at the Apple store in George St once a month. Vivid Sydney, is coming up soon, which starts at the end of May! It’s probably one of the/if not the biggest festival in Syd, just because of the HUGE range of stuff that goes down. They have a Vivid Ideas section, where they host a whole bunch of creative talks/seminars/etc. I’ve got tickets to about 3 or 4 events so far!

05 – Most of the time they’re pretty entertaining. Everywhere you go, everyone has some mad accent, or don’t even speak english at all. Good people watching I tell you. They’re always up for a random chat too. Love it.

Vimeo Fave | Sea Cave

I first found this guy, Benjamin Dowie, a few months back when this amazing video that he took with his iPhone 4S hit the interwebs. I’ve had him as a contact on Vimeo ever since, and he just released this absolute pearler, Sea Cave. These are just a few still’s from it.

I love taking still shots from movies too, sometimes they tell a story just as much as the video itself. This guy defiantly has an eye for beautiful photography & cinematography. Check out the vid & more of his work here. (I tried to insert the video itself below, but the size was spazzing out, so it’s better if you see the original!)

It will have you swooning for beach days like never before. Watching this make me miss the old days when everything was so carefree. Which is why I think it’s becoming more and more important to take time to chill out, and get back to nature a bit more. Although I’m working my ass off right now, I ALWAYS find time to take at least two mornings or afternoons, or even a whole day off, and get away from the computer. Hit the beach, go for a drive to a National Park or somewhere, anywhere that’s away from all the crazyness we manage to get trapped in far too often. That’s what’s keeping me grounded.

This is my one huge piece of advice for everyone right now. Get off the computer, get away from all the screens, for a whole day, and chill. Chill like you’ve never chilled before.

The City Is My Church

In love with city. Rain, hail or shine, I love it.

Lyrics/Quotes from Midnight City by M83.

Suss These Out | The Expanded Version!

My regular readers will know about this post I do, Suss These Out, where I hit you with a few hot links to check out, that could include anything from awesome buys to amazing photographers. Well I’m changing it up from here, and I’m making it a bit more visual & including photos of everything! So here’s this week’s dose of internet goodness…

01 | Knock You For Six – Hottest iPad case around town.

02 | Flowers + Black ribbon – This makes me wanna buy black ribbon & wrap everything in it.

03 | Custom Painted Record – Custom painted records. Amazing.

04 | Kiboots Boots – Theres heaps of different styles of these boots, but I want em all! They’re so different to everything else in the shops at the mo.

05 | Dannijo iPhone case – Do I even need to say anything?

06 | New Zealand, by Line Shape Colour – This girl is one pretty amazing photographer, and in her latest post she features New Zealand.

07 | YYellowbird on Flickr – More Flickr goodness. It’s endless I tell you.

08 | Skins Sandals – I know summer has actually ended, but these sandals are pretty hot.

On Getting Amongst It

It’s been a while since I’ve ‘written’ an actual post, so here we go!

Lately I’ve been getting amongst everything that’s been coming at me. Work wise, and life wise. Fingers are in as many pies as possible. Hence my lack of blogging. I said that 2012 was going to be the year of Seeking Those Who Share My Passions, and well, that seems to be going pretty well!

Almost everyone I talk to seems to be ‘overwhelmed’ with what the year has brought them so far, and they are going a little nuts with all this crazyness that’s in the air.

What I’ve learnt lately is that you need to learn to balance it out. Take chances, say yes to things, but only the things that feel right. And if you ain’t feelin something, just say no! Chances are, when you say no, bigger and better things will magically float into your life anyway.

I might be about to contradict myself, but I’m here to tell you that there are times when you should ‘Just Do It’ too. I’m referring to getting amongst it, life-wise, not work-wise. There’s going to be times when you don’t feel like going out for dinner, or going to that meet up by yourself, and you’re thinking of just staying home and watching True Blood or whatever.. Well, sometimes you have to MAKE yourself get out there.

How is the Universe meant to bring amazing people and amazing things into your life if you just sit on your arse and blob/work like a slave for 90% of the week?

*Que ah-ha moment.Well, it’s not! The chances of someone/something amazing literally showing up on your doorstep are pretty slim, which is all the more reason to go out. Experience life. Just go for a drink at a cafe. Jump on a train just for the hell of it. Meet up with one of your Twitter pals in real life.

Put yourself out there.

I’m speaking from experience here, as like many of my blog posts. Lastnight I had the insane chance to meet the one and only Jessica Hische, right here in Sydney. And who could turn down a chance like that, right? So off I went! And I met her, and a whole bunch of other rad creative kids.

It was one of those awesome times when you realise, ‘Fuck yes, I love what I do.’ A huge group of crazy creatives from all walks of life, having yarns about anything design related.

This wasn’t the only thing I’ve done lately where I’ve had this realisation, but it just added to the awesome scale even more. I’ve had a huge stack of freelance clients + just awesome people in general come my way, which makes it that much more exciting.

So to my fellow creatives & interweb friends alike, I ask that you get amongst it. Choose to get amongst life.

You never know who you might meet or where it might take you…

*And yeah, I’m retarded, I didn’t get a photo with Jessica. But I promise you, I met her, and she was super friendly + awesome.

Do any of you know what I’m talking about, or had any super awesome experiences you can share?

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