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Suss These Out

01 | I’ve become ridiculously obsessed with the movie The Darjeeling Limited over the last week or two. I’ve been meaning to watch it for ages, but I finally did it. It rocketed to the top of my fave movies of all time list. Everything about it is awesome… The adventures, the dry humor, everything.
The soundtrack has some goodies too, this being one of the tracks. Play With Fire – The Rolling Stones

02 | (Found via Miss Moss, that’s her awesome image too) Charm school. A whole bunch of awesome tips to stay classy.

03 – Winter glitz Converse shoes, on Sincerely Jules. Good, right?

04 | Leela Cyd Photoshoot. How much do you want that huge chunky bracelet she’s wearing… Oh and her hat.

05 | Isaac Likes. This guy is GOOD. He just wrote a massive post about how he moved to NYC.

06  | Sea Oleena.  I found these guys as their song was featured in the video in my last post, Sea Cave. Beautiful tunes.

07 | On Blue Pool Road. New fave blog. This girl has skillz with the camera.

08 | Oh hai! It’s MA BOOK! You should definatly be sussing that out if you haven’t already. See more pics + deets here!


Suss These Out | The Expanded Version!

My regular readers will know about this post I do, Suss These Out, where I hit you with a few hot links to check out, that could include anything from awesome buys to amazing photographers. Well I’m changing it up from here, and I’m making it a bit more visual & including photos of everything! So here’s this week’s dose of internet goodness…

01 | Knock You For Six – Hottest iPad case around town.

02 | Flowers + Black ribbon – This makes me wanna buy black ribbon & wrap everything in it.

03 | Custom Painted Record – Custom painted records. Amazing.

04 | Kiboots Boots – Theres heaps of different styles of these boots, but I want em all! They’re so different to everything else in the shops at the mo.

05 | Dannijo iPhone case – Do I even need to say anything?

06 | New Zealand, by Line Shape Colour – This girl is one pretty amazing photographer, and in her latest post she features New Zealand.

07 | YYellowbird on Flickr – More Flickr goodness. It’s endless I tell you.

08 | Skins Sandals – I know summer has actually ended, but these sandals are pretty hot.

Suss These Out

  • Danielle LaPorte is one mega onto it lady. I love this post by her, a big juicy list of things to do/think about, In honor of the fact that life is short. 
  • Bre is another superstar, who gave the low down about her Inbox Zero policy. Gotta get those inboxes under control kids!
  • I’ve got a whole stack of bookmarked blog posts with DIY everything, and I just re-discovered this one, for an absolute pearler Woven Chain Bracelet.
  • Moo have new Luxe Business Cards! Swoon alert.
  • Kim wrote an awesome post about good being good enough. Oh so true. Sometimes we get too wound up trying to make everything so perfect, that we end up over doing it. Time to cut yourself some slack!

Suss These Out.

  • I always love reading about what Christine gets up to, she’s left Australia now but she’s still posting some of the things she got up to while she was here, and this post gives me mad wanderlust to get amongst the treetops in Western Aus!
  • Claire from Women in Business asks about Freelancing & how to charge! Get in on the convo!
  • Music goodness! This time from the Drive soundtrack, which is insanely good. Especially when you’re driving. Ha. Under Your Spell is freakin good.
  • This Etsy has the some of the coolest bags/accessories I’ve seen lately, spesh this awesome sauce pouch.
  • Safari Living has the goods when it comes to all things home decor, and if I had my own pad, this Scrapwood Wallpaper would defiantly make an appearance.
  • Krissy has a rad new blog, check it out!

ps I’ve been somewhat absent from ze blog lately, I know! I have a few projects I’m working on that are taking up a bit of my time, which I will reveal, all in good time!

Suss These Out.

  • Rach wrote an awesome post about organising your life + your brain, and making time for yourself! If you’re anything like me, 2012 has been hecticly awesome so far, but this post was exactly what I needed. | The Power of One
  • I’m in love with Oliver Tank, and he just put out this AWESOME remix of ‘Whatever Leads Me to You’. | Check the free download here! 
  • Movement Mag is bangin. Their design is always on par. It’s an Australian Body Boarding mag!| Movement Website
  • I just re-found this remix of Johnny Cash. Amazing. | Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down Remix
  • Kim talks about Inspiration. I love how everyone she asked replied with things they do, or places they go, and connecting with other creatives. | Finding What Inspires You 
  • CopyPasteCharacter. Just check it out. |

Suss These Out.

So, in an effort to get back into regular blogging, here’s the fourth round of Suss These Out! A whole lotta juicy links for you to check out.

*On a side note, I’ve updated my portfolio! I’m planning a post on it very soon, once I get a few more things finished off & sorted out, but check it out and let me know what you think!

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