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The Weekly Goods.

– Not watching the news is the new watching the news. It’s useless info. And when was the last time you actually made a change for the better in your life based on something you saw in the news? It’s not doing any of us any favors to put so much focus on the bad, so give it a rest. It’ll be so much easier on that grand old mind of yours. Trust me.

This kid never ceases to amaze me with his photography.

– Someone was talking about Bondi the other day.. And it occurred to me that I’ve only been there about 3 times (no joke) over the 2 years I’ve lived in Sydney. Why? Cause everyone goes there.

The 10 Commandments of Freelancing. My fellow freelancers, read this & nod away.

– I had a big ah-ha moment over the weekend. Worrying gets you absolutely nowhere. Stop stressing about the future, and just live in the moment.

– I’m making more of an effort to only hit you with links/things that I think are actually worth checking out, and things that I really love. Tis all about quality, not quantity. 

– I went to La Perouse for the first time the other day. And took some photos. And put them on ma photo blog. It’s a cool chill spot.


The Weekly Goods

So this is a new post I’m going to do each week, kind of like Suss These Out, but more ‘personal’ I guess, and just random awesome things that I’ve discovered/found out about/realised during the week. So just less directing you around half the internet. (Although there’s one two awesome links in this post, but they’re worth it). You’ll get the idea once you see what I’ve posted below.

– Trains are awesome. I posted about this the other day, but seriously. Jumping on a train & not really having any ‘set’ destination, and just jumping off wherever you want is the biz. Mostly when you’re heading out of the city & they’re not so packed, and the other people on the train are clearly dressed to get their explorer on just as much as you are. Yes. Please.

– I decided I’m gonna go in search of snow this Winter. It doesn’t exist anywhere remotely close to Sydney… And I haven’t seen actual proper snow for a good few years. (Que shock horror)… So either New Zealand or Thredbo… I’ll be coming for you.

– Vitamin D is good. The sun makes everything better.

– I love looking at statistics for things. I was checking out our sales for 16HOURS and people are still buying Wanderlust (our first issue) like crazy. Maybe it relates back to my post the other day about wanting to get outside & off the computer, and experience ‘life’ more…?

– I found my new fave blog, Think Simple Now. This post about putting an End to Worry is what got me hooked.

– I love Sagmeister. He thinks so differently to everyone else.

– This whole ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ stuff is freakin scary. As you can probably imagine. Turns out that freak-outs are pretty much inevitable when you decide to leave your weekly pay cheques behind, in favor of the unknown. It’s all about how you come back from those freak-outs that really matters. 

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